Júl 4th 7/4/2022 - Port Edwards Incident

10:45PM CST - We are currently experiencing an outage at our Port Edwards, WI location. We will update again as we investigate. 11:10PM CST - There is a power issue at the Data Center. 11:45PM CST - Current ETA For restoration is 1AM CST. 12:36AM 7/5/22 - Power has been restored. 8:15AM 7/5/22 - All networking services have been restored. If ... Több... »

Márc 1st CyberOne Data Chooses Central Wisconsin For Data Center

CyberOne Data, a Wisconsin based limited liability company, has established Port Edwards, WI for its data center facility. This 4,000+ sq/ft facility will be used for colocation and dedicated server deployments. With multiiple carriers, backup generator, clean agent fire suppression, UPS, and high level security, the Tier II data center is slated ... Több... »