Installing XenTools on Ubuntu

XenServer / XenTools Install

Installing XenServer Tools on Linux VMs
  1. Select the VM in the Resources pane, right-click, and then click Install XenServer Tools on the shortcut menu. Alternatively, on the VM menu, click Install XenServer Tools.
  2. Click Install XenServer Tools on the message dialog to go to the VM's console.
  3. As the root user, mount the image into the VM:
    mount /dev/xvdd /mnt
  4. Execute the installation script as the root user:
  5. If the kernel has been upgraded, or the VM was upgraded from a previous version, reboot the VM now.

Note that CD-ROM drives and ISOs attached to Linux VMs appear as /dev/xvdd rather than /dev/cdrom. This is because they are not true CD-ROM devices, but normal devices. When the CD is ejected by XenCenter, it hot-unplugs the device from the VM and the device disappears. This is different from Windows VMs, where the CD remains in the VM in an empty state.

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